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2024 New Year's
Berner Prize Party
Rescue Fundraiser

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Are you ready to have some fun and help support Berner Rescue along the way?

First, let's wander through the Berner Prize Party Gallery                          and pick out the free prizes you want to win! We have collected a ton of  Berner items sure to appeal to all Berner lovers. All you have to do is request your FREE tickets and then decide which items you would like to spend your tickets on. There are three categories of tickets: Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3. Here is how it works:

Send an email to Joye Neff ( and ask her for up to 5 free tickets for Tier 1, 10 free tickets for Tier 2 and 100 free tickets for Tier 3 prizes.

        Then tell Joye how many tickets you want to spend on which prizes in the Gallery.

EXAMPLE: "Joye, please give me 5 FREE Tier 1 tickets and put them all toward prize 1-3. I would also like 5 FREE Tier 2 tickets and put 2 toward prize 2-1 and 3 toward prize 2-3. I would like100 FREE Tier 3 tickets and to put 20 each toward prizes 3-5, 3-8, 3-23, 3-37 and 3-49."

        It's that simple!

You may also request that Joye send free tickets to your Berner friends, mentors, or people you admire.            Make their day and share the spirit of the New Year!

Winners will be chosen by random drawing for each prize on February 14th, 2024 and prizes will be mailed to each winner following the drawing.

While you are selecting the free prizes you would like to win, please consider making a donation to our 2024 Berner Rescue Fundraiser. You may win your free prizes regardless of making a donation, but you are here anyway and why not help support the rescue of Berners from puppy mills, commercial breeders and families who don't want to care for them anymore. Help them find a wonderful forever home. All contributions to the Bernese Mountain Dog Charitable Foundation are greatly appreciated and tax-deductible under our non-profit 501(c)(3) charity status, subject to IRS regulations.


The goal for our 2024 Berner Rescue Fundraiser is to raise $25,000+ for our Berner Rescue Program.

No one likes to think about the circumstances from which most Berners need to be rescued - puppy mills, commercial breeders, families that no longer want their Berners for a myriad of reasons - but we have to. By the time these Berners are taken into a rescue, they are frequently in dire need of medical care, they have never set foot on grass, they don’t know what it means to be a dog and have not had the love and care they deserve. It is hard to imagine, given that our Berners are sprawled on the couch ready for a belly rub. In 2023, the Bernese Mountain Dog Charitable Foundation gave grants totaling $12,500 to Berner rescues that have primarily helped pay for medical care of the dogs they have taken in. Due to the generosity of the Berner Community, we had these funds on hand enabling us to respond quickly with help when the needs arose. Thirty-four rescued Berners were impacted by your help during the past year. Please help us replenish our funds so that we can continue to be there for future Berners in need.

It takes more than money to rescue these dogs but we are glad we were able to help. The Bernese Mountain Dog Charitable Foundation thanks the tireless volunteers (rescue coordinators, transporters and foster families among others) who actually make these rescues successful.

Please help us reach our goal! You may donate by PayPal or credit card through our Donate Now portal. Please indicate that this donation is for Rescue in the "Use this donation for" drop-down box.





If you would prefer to write a check, please make it payable to the Bernese Mountain Dog Charitable Foundation and mail it to Babs Winicur.


       Babs Winicur

       100 Halcyon Dr. Apt. B203

       Media, PA 19063

If you are sending a check from outside of the US, make it payable to Joye M. Neff (her bank does not charge a fee for converting foreign checks to US dollars, so the 2024 Berner Rescue Fundraiser will get the entire amount of your donation) and mail the check to Joye.

       Joye Neff

       108 Minnock Dr.

       Mars, PA 16046-1308

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