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Rescue Program

The Bernese Mountain Dog Charitable Foundation Rescue Assistance Committee (BMDCF RAC) is dedicated to providing financial assistance to Bernese Mountain Dogs in need of help from Bernese rescue groups including BMD Regional Clubs and the BMDCA Rescue Program. This assistance mainly focuses on offering financial support for veterinary care, and rescue expenses for purebred Bernese Mountain Dogs. We understand that some of these purebred dogs end up in rescue for legitimate reasons such as divorce, moving, or health of the owner. Others end up in need of assistance due to neglect, abuse, or abandonment. Whatever the reason, our goal is to assess each situation to determine whether help should be provided, and if so, how much.

The BMDCF RAC does not get involved in the actual rescue or re-homing of dogs but is a charitable foundation that supports the efforts of BMD rescue organizations when financial assistance is requested. We do this using funds donated by Bernese enthusiasts.

The Rescue Assistance Committee’s Main
Goals and Responsibilities

  • To provide grants to Bernese Mountain Dog rescue groups to financially support their rescue efforts

  • To help to develop educational materials that can be used to raise awareness on social media to reduce the need for owner surrenders to rescue

The Process

When a situation transpires, an application must be filled out and submitted with the required supporting documentation. While we do not claim that we can finance every situation we will evaluate every request and try very hard to help as many as we can. We are limited to approving the amount of assistance for each request (currently $3000.00) without BMDCF Board approval. We look at what attempts have been made to cover costs in other ways along with the circumstances of the reason for the request.

Fill out the Application for Rescue Funds. Please include as much detail as possible. By leaving out information, it slows the process and makes it more difficult to review. If an application has been made to the BMDCA Rescue Committee, that will also serve as an application for funds from the BMDCF RAC, if additional funds are requested.

Once the Application is received, a member of the BMDCF RAC will contact the applicant to acknowledge its receipt. The committee will meet online to discuss the case and decide how it is to be supported. If it is felt that more than $3000.00 is needed, the RAC will contact the BMDCF Board with the cogent details for their review and decision. The applicant will be contacted as quickly as possible to give them the decision. If you have any questions or would like to learn how we might be able to help you with your rescue situation, please contact us at

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