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Past Fundraisers

2022 Cancer Research Fundraiser

Aston water.jpg

You did it! Your donations helped us blow right past our $25,000 goal for the 2022 Cancer Fundraiser! We raised over $36,000 allowing us to fund the $25,000 Histiocytic Cancer Research Project to be conducted in Dr. Matthew Breen's lab at North Carolina State University AND gave us over a $10,000 head start on being able to fund the next health research project that is approved by our Health Committee. Thank you so much for your contributions, thank you to the BMD Clubs that supported this fundraiser, and a special thank you to the generous donors that put up challenges. Every dollar will bring us closer to defeating this disease that takes so many of our beloved Berners from us every day.

Longshots to the Rescue!


Thank you to all of the generous donors who made Longshots at the 2022 BMDCA National Specialty in Hampton Virginia a smashing success! Pat Long’s Longshots Portrait Photos started in 1998, and has raised nearly $100,000 for Berner charities through the years. This year Longshots raised a record-breaking $7,000 for Berner rescue activities funded by the Bernese Mountain Dog Charitable Foundation. With this tremendous support from the Berner community we will be able to help Berners that need to be rescued, healed and placed in loving forever homes. Thank you to Pat and all of her helpers for capturing the true spirits of our dogs in wonderful images that will be treasured forever!


2022 Kickoff Fundraiser for Rescue


Thank you to all who made our 2022 Kickoff Fundraiser for Rescue a huge success! Your generosity raised over $10,000 to help Berners in need of rescue have a chance at a better life. A special thank you to those who put up challenges. Thank you Bobbie Abern for donating the plate and Pat Long for donating the book. Peggy Rickenbach, we hope you enjoy them both. Thank you to Denise Hackman for donating the surprise prizes of Berner chocolates. Mary and Rob Higgins, and Chris and Amber Dern were the lucky winners of those treats.

The year was 1990...

plate front.jpg

The year was 1990, the BMDCA National Specialty was held in Oconomowoc WI, and the breed judge was Mrs. Anne Clark. The BISS was Ch Heartlight's Baby Grand, bred and owned by Gail Vogel, BOS was Ch Fraulein Abigale De Miacis, WD/BOW was Dallybeck’s Franz von Cresta, WB was Deerpark H’Dezaley v Edelweiss, HIT was Brighteye Nelle Belle, Best in Sweepstakes was Bonmead’s Potter v Bernbrae, and Best Junior Handler was Nathan Ripley. The logo was a farm scene, Back to the Farm, and Mary Garbe did the artwork. She also had 200 plates made, and this plate is number 5 of that limited edition. If you haven’t seen Mary Garbe’s artwork, then you must not have a copy of Before Santa Was Santa!

Bobbie Abern donated this plate in order to raise money for Berner rescue efforts funded through the BMD Charitable Foundation. Pat Long added a paperback copy of Before Santa Was Santa just to make it complete.

1990 Mary Garbe plate back crop.jpg
before santa crop.jpg

2019 Cancer Fundraiser


Thanks to all who made our 2019 Cancer Fundraiser a success!  With Berners being the “Poster Child” for histiocytic malignancies it is imperative that we do everything possible to try to conquer this disease. Our goal was to raise $16,000 and we raised $21,018 to help Dr. Matthew Breen (North Carolina State University) work toward fighting this horrible disease and to find an effective way to treat this disease in our beloved breed. 

Dr. Breen’s lab has been analyzing the genetics of hundreds of cases of histiocytic malignancies (HM) from Berners for over a decade. Each one of these specimens has been submitted to the research team by a Berner household, which is why Dr. Breen considers all Berner parents to be citizen scientists and collaborators in the fight against these nasty cancers. Using this unique, precious collection of biological specimens, the research team has identified several genetic changes associated with HM, including those that may offer therapeutic potential. To investigate these genes further, the research team needed to purchase a new real-time thermal cycler. The instrument selected allows for multiple genes to be evaluated simultaneously and has allowed Dr. Breen's lab to accelerate this important work for Berners.

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